Tantric Pleasures

Expand your mind. Increase your pleasure.

Our Tantric Pleasures™ Yoga Series will guide you through a variety of positions to help create a deep connection with your partner. New to yoga? No worries. Our instructors take it step by step, breath by breath. All that's needed is your desire to get tantric.

Shake your way to a better orgasm

Standing with your legs hip-width apart, relax your body and breathe through your mouth, so that your energy travels down to your navel. Shake your whole body for one minute, then pause. Not only will you release tension, you'll increase pleasure in sensitive areas.

Reach the edge with Cobbler's Pose

In a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together, and place your hands on your ankles while allowing your knees to relax toward the floor. Inhale and exhale for 15 complete breaths, thus increasing blood flow (and sensation) to the pelvis.

Boost your self esteem with
the Kneeling Core Plank

Starting on your hands and knees, spread your fingers wide and square your hips. Inhale and lift your right leg, then sweep it toward your chest as you exhale, squeezing your pelvic muscles on release. Repeat, then switch sides and return to Child’s Pose. Tightening your muscles, inside and out, will make you feel more comfortable making a move, and reaching orgasm.

Increase your stamina with Tree Pose

Standing straight, shift your energy into your right leg as you lift your left leg. Place your left foot on your right inner thigh, as high above the knee and close to the groin as comfortable. Find a focal point for balance and release for foot. Raise your arms overhead, shoulder-width apart, and hold, with deep, even breathing. Release on exhale and switch sides.

Stretch it out with Camel Pose

Kneel with knees hip-width apart, and press shins and top of feet into the floor. Rest your hands on the back of your buttocks, fingers pointing down, and gently press tailbone forward. With your chin pointing up, slowly lift your chest toward the ceiling and allow hands to descend backward toward your ankles, careful to not strain the neck. Rest your palms on the soles of your feet and hold for 30 seconds. Release, and slowly return to starting position.

Energize with Frog Pose

Stand with your heels together and your toes pointed outward. Keep Heels together and squat, with knees hip-width apart. Lower your rear toward the floor and slowly bring your heels together, exhaling on the way down. Raise your chin, gaze forward, and slowly return to a standing position, inhaling on return.